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Custom Business Checks, Business Checks! is proud to have the most comprehensive selection of Business Checks and supplies on the Internet. Supplying your company with custom, high-quality checks is one of the smartest things that a business owner can do. At, we make it easy and affordable to get all  you will ever need, including computer checks, one write checks, 3 to-a-page checks, and even deposit slips. We also have a huge selection of supplies, as well as a very attractive collection of check binders and covers. They all come with a variety of custom options, as well as the option to add your  logo for FREE.

Printing Business Checks and Supplies at

Our most popular type is One Write Checks. One write check systems allow you to eliminate time-consuming multiple data-entry, so that you can be more organized and get more done with the time you have. In addition, we have one write payroll journals, envelopes, and more.

Our 3 To-a-Page checks are also very popular here at With their single stub journals on the left-hand side and their crisp look, professional look, this is a perfect option to streamline and organize your finances. And don’t forget- we can print your logo at no extra cost!

If you rely on the computer for bookkeeping and accounting, having a supply of Computer Checks is a must. Designed to make it work with all common printer types and systems, as well as popular accounting programs like Quickbooks, Peachtree and Microsoft Money. We have a huge selection of computer checks and accessories here at PrintE-Z to fit the exact needs of your company, so that you can avoid the hassle and sloppiness that can come with manual check-writing.

Finally, we also have a large range of Supplies, including endorsement stamps, binder systems, cash deposit bags and much, much more!


History of Printing Business Checks

Checks were used as a surrogate form of payment as far back as the first century B.C by the Romans. There are various records of these checks being used by Persians, in the 3rd century, the Muslims in the 9th century and the Knights of Templar too. Business checks however, were used for the first time in the United States of America in 1681 when a Boston businessman wrote checks to raise funds by mortgaging his land and writing checks against the payment.


The business checks used in England during these times were works of art that were created on thick paper. The check itself was created with elegant handwriting. While this was a convenient way to handle payments, the process of creating a check was tedious. Businesses that had to make large numbers of payments realized that it was a time consuming process that was also costly. An accurate log also had to be maintained with regards to the checks that were written so that accounts could be balanced. The invention of carbon paper reduced the duplication that needed to be done. An account of the checks written could be retained by using a carbon paper between the check and the duplicate.


Printed booklets made the process of writing checks easier and less time consuming. Printed check booklets started appearing on the scene with MICR to ensure better security. Details of the payee, the amount and the signatures were required to be written in by hand. Businesses started to use special software to print names and amounts in the space provided with the use of a list.


Business checks today are completely different from the ones that were used in the early years. Starting from the name of the payee to the amount and even the signatures are filled in electronically. These official checks also come in a range of sizes, colors and designs too. Customization of checks is possible with company logo, company products and various other kinds of watermarks. These have now become part of the overall marketing efforts of a company.


Printing Business Checks – The Right Kinds of Protection that They Need

The numbers of business checks frauds have increased in the past. Unless there are security measures taken in order to limit these frauds, they are likely to continue. A business cannot afford to be lax about this aspect because your precious money is at stake. If your company is a listed company, you could be risking the stakeholder’s funds by being inattentive to this need. To read more click here

What You Must Ensure for Professional and Secure Custom Business Checks Order

Anyone can place a business checks order in any of the online business printing stores these days. There are many options that you can find over the Internet. All you have to do is choose an online store that is reliable and follow the simple instructions. You will be able to place a business checks order in a matter of minutes and receive your shipment in a matter of days too.To read more click here


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