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    Cash Envelopes
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    • Item# 757
    • Size: 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"
    • 28# kraft stock
    • Gummed flap
    • Min. Order: 250 envelopes
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    Cash Envelopes and the Many Ways of Using Them

    Cash envelopes are a great way in which you can stay organized with your cash. There are times when you have cash in hand and then suddenly realize that it is all gone. You wonder where you really spent all that money and you are unable to remember the details. Many people feel that they do not want to be listing down each and every expense that you had like a small child but we all know the advantages of knowing how and where we spend our money.

    Cash envelopes are also useful for retail outlets where there is a fair amount of cash coming in. A cash envelope can be used to note the exact currency that has been received. At the end of the day you can take stock of the amount of business that has been done, put details of the specific currency that is in the cash receipt cover and seal the cover for delivery to the bank.

    A Cash Envelope for Holding Receipts

    There are also various other ways of using a cash envelope. You can stuff in all the cash receipts that you get when you are on a business trip so that you do not lose out on any amount that the company owes you. A corporate can order a large bunch to share with all travelling employees at PrintE-Z too.

    Keep Track of Particulars with a Cash Envelope

    A cash envelope is also a great thing to have when you are dispersing money or receiving payments for people who need to keep a note for. Use it to make a list of all donations or contributions to a cause or tick off the people that have been paid during disbursements. PrintE-Z also allows you to create your own custom cash envelopes too.

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