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      Bank Endorsement Stamps
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      Best seller

      Bank Endorsement Stamp - Self-Inking

      Product Highlights

      • Convenient! All stamps come fully assembled.
      • Don't forget. Please include your bank information and account number with your order.
      • Efficient and Easy to use! Re-inks with each impression - excellent for rapid, high-volume use.
      • Impression area measures 2 3/8 x 7/8".
      • Ink Colors. Black ink only.
      • Processing Time. 3 working days are needed for processing time.
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      Best seller

      Security Bag Endorsement Stamp

      Product Highlights

      • Let the stamp dry for 60 seconds to prevent smearing.
      • This unique stamp is designed as an endorsement stamp that can work on our plastic security bags making it even easier and more accurate to deposit your money. Other inks will smear.
      • Use it on your deposit tickets as well.
      • Ink refills available. Please refer to product D9 for ink refills.
      • Long lasting! Lid prevents stamp from drying out.
      • Stamp impression size: 2.18 x .75
      • Versatile business stamp! Works on multiple surfaces including plastic and paper
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      What’s quicker than writing out all company and bank information to endorse a check deposit? Stamping it! For preparing deposits effectively and efficiently, use one of our bank endorsement stamps every time. Each self-inking stamp is customized with your company’s name, bank information, and account number and can be used on paper and plastic surfaces. The resulting print is widely accepted by banks. To continue streamlining productivity, eliminate unnecessary manual endorsements with our self-inking stamps!

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