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We have all the options to help you create a form or check that is just right for your business. See below for ways to customize your forms just the way you need them.

back printing
Back Printing
Printing to the edge of a cut sheet gives your form a finished look. It's a professional touch some printers can't offer!
block outs
Block Outs
Keep sensitive information off one or more copies of a form - great for packing lists.
book cover printing
Book Cover Printing
Printe-z can even print on the top cover of your booked forms - another quality detail unavailable from some small print shops.
consecurtive numbering
Consecutive Numbering
Help organize your records, eliminate mistakes, and save precious time searching through your archives.
Make storage easier by adding two-hole or three-hole punches - even on continuous items.
margin printing
Margin Printing
Put company or department wording on the outer edge of most forms.
padding box img
Take single sheet forms and let us bind them in pads that are easy to carry and use. Ideal if you're frequently out of the office.
paper color Sequence
Paper Color Sequence
Change our standard color sequence of form copies any way you want - and choose from 6 paper colors. Standard color sequence shown above.
Add perforations that tear off neatly for sections like customer receipts or claim checks.
screen img
Highlight key information with a hint of color, or use your logo as the background for a check or form.
 variable length sheets
Variable Length Sheets
Choose different lengths for copies to allow more space for special wording, claim checks and more. Available on snapsets only.

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