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Long Purchase Order Books

Long Purchase Order Books

Item No. 92B     Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Long Purchase Order Books
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Long Purchase Order Books

Long Purchase Order Books Item No. 92B

The ideal purchase order form needs to adopt a good format, have great printing to show for, take legalities into account and also maintain a professional image. Our newly designed long purchase order books are exactly this and more.

Crafted using NCR paper, these forms adopt a format that is easy to understand and manage.  While the details of the stock and its sale are of course recorded, shipment and delivery details are also made room for. One look at the form and all the information regarding the order will be available to you.

The pre-printed instructions at the bottom of each form help to save time and cover the legal issues that are at play. With the authorization line printed, is no forgetting this rather important procedure while making out the form. 

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