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When you want to print custom business holiday greeting cards, Printez has hundreds of patterns for you to choose from. For specific designs, we carry various business holiday card ideas for Christmas and New Years. Send some of these business holiday greeting cards to your clients and regular customers or hand them out to your employees for the holiday season. Whether you’re wishing them merry Christmas or celebrating a happy New Year, our selection has several designs to choose from, including illustrated and imprinted cards.

Our large selection of business holiday greeting cards includes several Christmas patterns. Many of these use traditional holiday motifs, such as holly leaves and Christmas trees, but others are more specific. Holiday images aside, many of these Christmas cards for business have general themes of white, snowy weather or peace, while others are specifically for New Year’s. All are written to simply wish your coworkers, customers, or clients a happy holidays or New Year.

History of Printing Holiday Cards

Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and romans were all known to send colorful greetings to each other during the holiday period. Printers did not see the potential in holiday cards till the 18th century. The Christmas card was sent by Sir Henry Cole when he realized that Christmas was round the corner and the annual letters to friends and family had not been written. He decided to hire John Horsely to create s set of lithographic hand written cards that could convey his wishes to all his friends. This very first holiday card was also intended to give a message with regards to the needs of the poor.


Cards continued to be an uncommon practice due to the cost of the card and the postage. In 1862, Charles Goodall decided to allow people to choose from a lot of design options. The cards had elaborate structures printed on them along with ribbons, lace and frames too. The Valentine’s Day card was actually a more common concept in the United States and became more popular than the Christmas card option.


The first line of Christmas cards was produced by Hallmark in 1915 but the first official holiday card was sent by Dwight Eisenhower in 1953 to 1300 important guests like American Ambassadors, delegates and more. It is interesting to note that the first official holiday card from the White House was sent by George W, Bush.


Today the range of cards that are available can send anyone into a spin. Each of the holidays or festivals has a different set of cards that is pre-printed with the right words that you may want to convey to someone you love. From patriotic cards to those that are eco- friendly, one can find all types.

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