5 Tips To Become a Successful Entrepreneur

In the Internet age that we live in, becoming an entrepreneur has become relatively easy, at least in terms of the capital requirements. Anyone can start an internet business with minimal investment and hope to make it big. The desire to be your own boss has consumed many people but the secret of becoming a successful entrepreneur does not lie only in being able to manage the funds required to start a new business. If you want to be an entrepreneur of any significance, then you must ensure some … [Read more...]

Business Partnership What to Avoid And How to Make It Work

business partnership

Having a business partnership solves a lot of problems. To start with, the business investment is shared and therefore the pressure on initial investments is lessened. Business partners also get in different expertise. So while you may be good in a specific area of the business, your business partner may bring in skills in another. But finding a business partner is not easy. It requires you to find someone who believes in the same principles of business and wants to explore new areas in the … [Read more...]

How to Apply Upselling to Your Customers


Upselling is a sales process in which you persuade a customer to purchase ad-ons, upgrades or other items from your store. The aim is to make one specific sale a more profitable one.   While upselling customers may not require as many dollars as customer acquisition, it requires some amount of expertise in order to do it well. Bad quality upselling or upselling that is done without thought can result in irritated, suspicious customers who can probably do a lot of harm with Twitter … [Read more...]

What Should the Offer Be? – Free Trial or Money Back


The reason why there are a many questions still being asked about marketing strategies in the internet arena is that it is a relatively newer area of operation. While traditional marketing has been around for more than a century, internet marketing has been around for only had a few decades. Most of the internet marketing practices have emerged out of trial and error. Various internet marketing techniques like free trial and money back guarantees are being tried and tested to arrive at what … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Become a Truly Successful Businessman


Each and every business person develops his or her own specific business philosophies as they go by. While this is a personal matter and your personality is likely to affect the manner in which you operate your business, there are various philosophies that you just have to stick by. You can either learn about them as you go along the way or take a few tips from what I have learnt in more than 10 years of being an entrepreneur.     What even more interesting is that these … [Read more...]

5 Effective Communication Skills to Get You Over the 100k Mark!


You may have read more than one article telling you why you have not been able to make the kind of money that you want to in your business or your working life. Most of these articles talk about the kind of training course that you should take to get to the next level, the strategies that you need to adopt in order to make your business sell more products, the offers that you need to make to lure more customers to increase revenue and profit and more. But none of these talk about … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Work Hard and Smart and Not Get Burnt Out


It is no secret that you need to take periodic breaks once in a while when you are working too hard. Almost everyone you meet will tell you that it is important to take periodic breaks from a tough work life.  What you will hear is that maintaining a balance between work and play or work and personal life is important to stay sane. Well, I am going to tell you differently. I believe that there is too much at stake when you are starting out on your own and working 24/7 (well almost) is required … [Read more...]

5 Characteristics To Hiring Employees


The employees you hire make your organization. Hiring the right employee is one of the most important tasks that you have as an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of looking at only the qualifications of the people they are hiring and not much else.  Hiring on hard facts such as qualifications is easy since these facts are unlikely to be wrong. However, hiring on such characteristics is not likely to assure you of the right fit for your company.     If you want … [Read more...]

5 Great Tips to Make You Wealthy and Not Just Rich

Master the Art of Making Business Profit

It is not the first time that you would have heard that the rich keep getting richer. And you wonder how? Should the taxes paid by the rich people not multiply and become heavier? Is that not what you think happens in the tax laws that have been designed by the country?  So how do the wealthy people retain their wealth and grow it at a far higher pace than others?     Some of the most common ways in which wealthy people avoid taxes are to book expenses like cell phone, gas and … [Read more...]

How to Play it Best The Google Game


  If you have been in the Internet marketing industry for some time, you would know that Google changes its algorithm from time to time. Google does not do this to disrupt your efforts but to ensure that people trying to fool the search algorithm are kept at bay. Internet marketers put on hold each and every aspect of their strategy the day Google announces a change in algorithm. The Google search engine has 65 percent of the search market share and there is no way that you can ignore … [Read more...]