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    Tax Envelopes
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    Best seller
    • Item# TF61611
    • Size: 9" x 5 5/8"
    • 24# white wove confidential double-window envelope
    • Printed lining to protect your privacy
    • Gummed flap
    • Meets IRS requirements
    • First window size: 3 5/8" x 5/8"
    • Second window size: 3 5/8" x 11/16"
    • Min. Order: 25 envelopes
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    Best seller
    • Item #  TF21211
    • Size: 3 7/8 x 9"
    • Quality: 24# white wove confidential singe-window envelope. Gummed flap seals securely when moistened.
    • Secure: Printed lining to protect your privacy.
    • Compatibility: Use with 1042-S.
    • Meets all government and IRS filing requirements
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    Tax Envelopes for the Special Purpose

    Tax envelopes from PrintE-A can save you from the frantic rush that you always get into during tax filing time. Generally you are looking into every nook and corner of your house trying to figure out where you have stashed away tax receipts, interest documents, utilities bills, medical bills and business expenses too. And if you run your own business the whole scenario is likely to get even messier if you are trying to differentiate a personal expense from a commercial one related to your business. With tax envelopes from PrintE-Z you can be sure to avoid all the chaos in more ways than one.

    There is a range of 1009 envelopes or tax envelopes that is available here at PrintE-Z is enough for any kind of requirement. These 1099 envelopes are pre-printed with ‘important tax return document enclosed’ so that the post knows that this is an important document. There is a printed lining to keep the documents private and a window that shows the address too in some options. As per the IRA requirement the size of the 1099 envelope is 9 inches by 5 63/100 inches. This is the exact size that you will find at PrintE-Z always. Even when you have forgotten to order tax covers till the last minute, you can be sure that the envelopes shall reach you in no time.

    Alternate Use of 1099 Envelopes

    PrintE-Z recommends that you do not wait till the last minute to order your tax envelopes. In fact we suggest that you buy them in bulk and use them through the year to store your check stubs, bonus details, utilities bills, medical bills and mortgage documents too. In this way you can just choose to use the same 1099 envelope when you are ready to file your returns too.

    1099 Envelopes and Tax Forms Too

    At PrintE-Z you shall be able to find everything that you need to file your tax returns. Other than the right 1099 envelope, you will also find tax forms that you can use conveniently.

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