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Tax Forms of All Conceivable Types

Just as the tax return filing time comes closer, there is a mad rush to try and get hold of the right tax forms that are required for the purpose. Getting down to finding each of the forms that are required and then printing the required number of copies is too long and tiresome a can take away the trouble by helping you with pre-printed tax forms. The tax forms are printed on government approved bond paper and therefore you do not have to scurry around trying to get the right size and paper for the job. You can let us worry about these details.

Variety of IRS Tax Forms

Irrespective of whether you need W-2 tax forms, IRS income tax forms, NYS tax forms, 1099 forms or any of the others, you will be able to find each of these here. Not only will you be able to get the right type of IRS tax form that you need, you will also get it in the right size. The forms available can also be used on different kinds of printers, the details of which are clearly mentioned alongside each product. You can also use these forms with different tax software options that your office uses.

Convenient Availability of IRS Income Tax Forms

Even when you have to file personal income tax returns, getting the right copy is easy when it is pre-printed. You do not want to do the entire paperwork and then realize that you used the wrong time of size or paper. It could only mean a large amount of rework all over again. Not only can you find the more popular W2 tax forms and 1099 forms, you will also get 1098 forms, W3, forms, 1042, 940 and 941 forms for specific return filing purposes.

History of Printing Tax Forms

The tax system in the United States has gone through many changes in the past. Some of these changes have been based on historic events while others were a part of changes made in the constitution. In colonial times, the tax required from the colonies was limited to custom, excise and a few others. At this time the colonies were responsible for most of the work required to be done in the state.


Taxes such as the federal income tax, alternative minimum tax, corporate tax, estate tax and more have been issued over time. The estate tax is probably the oldest tax that is paid. It was enacted in 1977. This was changed many times till it reached what it is today in 1916. The corporate tax was slapped on to businesses in 1909, the federal income tax was enacted in 1913 and the gift tax came into being in 1924.


Sales tax and social security taxes were made mandatory in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The alternative minimum tax was only enacted as late as 1978. This was an alternate way to ensure that taxpayers did not acid their share of the taxes that they owed the government. Some taxes like the tobacco tax and the gasoline tax are built into the price of the product and Americans are not even aware that they pay them.


Paying taxes has always been considered the responsibility of every American citizen. The process of paying taxes is made easy by the government by issuing various tax forms that can be printed and downloaded. These tax forms can be found online and include W-2 forms, 1099 tax forms, W-3 forms, 1096 tax forms, 1098 forms, 940 and 941, 1042 forms and 5498 forms too.

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