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      1098 Forms – Different Kinds that Exist

      The 1098 forms are used to file returns with the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS. These 1098 tax forms are used to declare the interest and mortgage expenses that have been paid during the year. The reason why this statement needs to be generated is in order to allow the recipients to claim tax deductions as they apply in their case. Processing the 1098 forms and mailing them to the recipients is mandatory for all those who fall under the category.

      Different Types of 1098 Tax Forms

      There are different types of 1098 tax forms that may need to be generated depending on the kind of transaction that you have had. The 1098 C form is used to declare any form of donation of vehicles, boats or airplanes. Form 1098 E is generated to declare interest paid on student loans that are qualified and 1098 T is generated to provide details of tuition and related fee for the year. The specifications of these 1098 forms is detailed at the IRS site and anyone generating these forms needs to be aware of the regulations in order to do so.

      1098 Tax Forms Available at

      Whether you need a 1098 tax form for declaring tuition fee, mortgage interest or student loans, these are available at The naming of the forms has been done in order to allow you to choose the right form for your purpose. There are options for self-mailers, pressure seal forms and various copies of the forms as well. In order to place a purchase request, you will need to estimate the number of forms that you need so that you can get the adequate number of forms easily. Under ordering and over ordering should be avoided at all costs.

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