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      1098 - Continuous
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      Continuous 1098 Mortgage Interest, Carbonless, Dated

      Product Highlights

      • Item #  TF7168
      • Size: 8 x 3 2/3"
      • Paper Quality: Government approved 20# paper
      • Type of Form: Dated; Carbonless.
      • Printer Compalibility: Printer Compalibility s/b Printer Compatibility
      • Use to Report: Mortgage interest (including points) and certain mortgage insurance premiums you received in the course of your trade or business from individuals and reimbursements of overpaid interest.
      • Meets all government and IRS filing requirements. Amounts to Repost: $600 or more.
      • Don't forget the compatible envelopes: TF22222​
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      1099 NEC 3 Part Blanks

      Product Highlights

      • Tax Set Includes: Federal Copy A, Blank Recipient Copy B and 1096 Transmittals.
      • Use to Report: Miscellaneous payments such as rents, royalties, medical and health payments and non-employee compensation.
      • Amounts to Report: Generally $600 or more (all amounts of $10 or more in some cases).
      • Tax Forms Per Sheet: Two filings per sheet.
      • State Requirements: Meets 3-part state filing requirements.
      • Quality Paper: Government-approved 20# bond paper.
      • Printer Compatibility:  s/b Printer Compatibility with laser or inkjet printers.
      • Paper Filing Due Dates: To Recipient by January 31st, to IRS by February 28th.
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      Print 1098 Forms in the Right Way with Help

      To print 1098 forms to generate them for your clients is not a tough job. There are software options that are available that generate all the details pertaining to the tax return filing period and printing 1098 forms does not take too much time. This is all true if you are aware of the right way in which you can print 1098 forms. Unless you are aware of the right method, you are likely to make mistakes and errors leading to a huge waste of time; something that you cannot afford to lose in the busy tax season.

      How to Print 1098 Forms Easily

      The one thing that you need to be careful about when you want to print 1098 forms is to check the compatibility of the software with the format of the q098 form that you are choosing. Before you give the print command, you need to be sure that you have selected the right 1098 forms printing so that you get the right data in the right box. The good thing is that there are various formats of 1098 forms available and this means that you can choose the one that best fits your application. Other than this, you need not worry about anything else if you have purchased your forms since all forms are prepared according to the specifications laid down by the IRS.

      Different Kinds of 1098 Forms Printing

      After you have figured out the format that you need to purchase, you may also want to decide whether you will be printing 1098 forms on a dot matrix printer or a laser one. You may want to choose continuous 1098 forms in case you are planning to print 1098 forms on the dot matrix printer.

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