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    W-2 - Magnetic Media

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    Best seller
    • Item #  TF7521
    • Size: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2"
    • 5-part Set Includes: Electronic Filing - Copy B, C, 2, 2, 1 or D.
    • 4-part Set Includes: Electronic Filing - Copy B, C, 2, 1 or D.
    • 3-part Set Includes: Electronic Filing - Copy B, C, 1 or D.
    • Use to Report: Wages, tips, and other compensation
    • Meets all government and IRS filing requirements
    • Don't forget the compatible envelopes: TF66662
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    Best seller
    • Item# TF7640
    • Size: 8" x 5 1/2"
    • Order TF7640-3 for 6-part twin sets, or TF7640-4 for 8-part
    • Employee copy B to be filed with tax return
    • Two W-2's per sheet
    • Continuous tax forms for use with a dot matrix (pin-fed) printer
    • Magnetic media meets all states' requirements
    • Printed on recycled stock
    • Ideal for print heads that do not strike hard enough to penetrate 6 or 8-parts legibly
    • Also ideal for high speed printers
    • For printer carriages that cannot accomodate 14 7/8" wide forms
    • For electronic filing
    • Meets IRS requirements
    • Min. Order: 25 sheets
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    Free Shipping Available


    W2 Forms Filed Electronically Ensure that your Business Meets the IRS Deadline

    Large businesses have the huge task of filing all W2 forms before the end of February each year. Despite all the efficiencies that you fit into the system, the task is a tough and tiring one especially if you have a large employee base. A W2 form needs to be filed for each employee and there are 6 copies that need to be printed for every employee. One of the copies goes to the Social Security Administration, one is reserved for the company records 2 copies are provided to the employee, 2 for the state or locality that the employee stays in. With such a requirement, there is a need to ensure that these forms are printed quickly. When you choose electronic W2 forms online, you can ensure that you perform this task in the lowest possible time, leaving you free for other things that you need to accomplish too.

    Types of W2 Employment Forms

    You do not have to worry about a large range of options available to you when you choose W2 online forms here. There is a wide range of choice to choose from. Continuous magnetic media W2 forms are available for those who need the convenience of printing continuously. This means that you can use printers like dot matrix, tractor feed printers and other high speed devices that quicken the process of printing magnetic W2 forms.

    How to Choose W2 Forms Online?

    When you are choosing magnetic W2 employment forms, you should make sure that the printer uses the right quality of paper mentioned by the IRS., you can be sure that the options cover all kinds of accounting and tax software so you do not have to worry about compatibility between the layouts and the tax software.

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