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    W-2 Forms for Each Employee With Complete Ease

    Every employer needs to file W-2 forms for each and every employee that provides service in the company. This form needs to be prepared each year showing gross earnings of the employee, social security earnings, Medicare earnings and the various Federal and State laws that have been held back for the employee. This is a form that needs to be submitted in various copies. When you look at a W2 form online you should check that it also includes aspects related to deductions for any employee benefit plans or any other that might lead to reductions in employee income tax. The great thing is that you can get a large number of these pre-printed W-2 forms without having to go through the motions of printing them yourself. This also ensures that the paper that you use is the right one and that you also have the right dimensions for the purpose.

    Different Copies Available for W2 Forms

    You will need to create a W-2 form for each of your employees. However, each of these W2 forms needs to have 6 copies. Copy A, a red form, is meant for Social Security Administration. Copy B is handed over to the employee so that he can file his federal returns on the basis of the tax withheld. Copy C is for the employee’s records. Copy D is maintained by the employer in their records. Copy 1 is meant for the city or state or locality and Copy 2 is a duplicate copy for the city, state or locality.

    Due Date for Providing W-2 Forms

    All companies need to make sure that these forms are provided to the employee before the end of January each year. Other copies need to reach the state department and Social Security Administration before the end of February. Make sure that you are not late with these tax forms

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