W-3 Form – Making Sure That it is Correct

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      W-3 form is a summary and transmittal form that is created based on the data available in the quarterly form 941 and the annual form W2 that are prepared for each and every employee of the company. If you have been able to create these forms properly, there should be no issue in ensuring that the W-3 form is accurate and correct. Filing the W-3 Form Correctly is Important Despite the fact that the tax season can be extremely tedious and time consuming, it is … [Read more...]

940 IRS Form – Calculating the Federal Unemployment Tax and Reporting it

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  The 940 IRS form is used to detail out the Federal Unemployment tax that is owed by a company to the government. This is something that needs to be done every quarter. FUTA is the tax that organizations pay the government so that out of work people can be given benefits.   While you need to file the 940 IRS form every quarter, it does not mean that you need to make the unemployment tax payment every quarter too. There is a simple rule that you need to follow in order to do … [Read more...]

W2 Forms – Getting Your Copy Online

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  Come January end, your employer is supposed to give you a copy of the W2 forms that have been generated for the purpose of filing tax returns. The copies of the W2 forms that you will be handed over include the Copy B and Copy C. While one of the copies is for your records, the other copy is what you can use to file your individual federal and state tax returns. The W2 employment forms that you get from your employer contain important information with regards to the total amount of … [Read more...]

Tax Forms Printable – How Can You Get Them for Free

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    If you have decided to do your taxes by yourself, there are many ways of locating tax forms printable at home and that too without cost. There are quite a few websites that supply these forms free of cost. The best place to get them is the official IRS website because information provided there is expected to be correct and up-to-date. You will also get guidelines there for completing your taxes for the tax period for which you are looking at.   Once you have the … [Read more...]

IRS Tax Return Forms: The Ones That You Need


    Each one of us has a different tax filing status, which is the reason why there are different IRS tax return forms for filing with the IRS. If you are not sure how to fill them, you would want to get in touch with a social service agency or talk to a taxation expert to help you in filling the tax form/s that apply to your tax filing status.   You may also search online. printez, a premium online print service, not only supplies IRS tax return forms but also has the … [Read more...]

IRS Form 941 – Filling in the Details

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    IRS form 941 is the form that you need to fill in for every employee that works in your office on a quarterly basis. This is a form that includes the wages, the Medicare income, the Social Security income and the taxes withheld from the employee for the three months that are being reported. Keep in mind that the form should contain details about the wages that have been paid to the employee in the said quarter. For example, if the salary for the month of March has been … [Read more...]

Form W-3 – Errors That you Should Avoid

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  The entire process of filing tax returns is extremely tedious and an erroneous form W-3 can make the entire process doubly grueling. Once the mistake is made and there is a form that is returned to you, you cannot simply take the form W-3 and file it again after correction. There is a completely different process that you may have to understand before doing so. This is why it is a good idea to know the common mistakes that people make in the IRS W-3 form so that you can adequately … [Read more...]

1099 Forms Supplier Need to be Reliable

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    Tax season is extremely tough with W2 forms and 1099 forms strewn all over the place. While the days of manual tax filing are over there is still a fair amount of paper work that needs to be done in order to provide the various 1099 forms and w2 forms to the right people. There are deadlines to be met and deposits to be made and the forms need to be mailed to the right people by the end of January. The entire process needs to be completed in a matter of a month if you want to … [Read more...]

1042 Forms – When Should You File

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  Regardless of whether hard copies are filed or submitted electronically, 1042 forms must be filed with the IRS by March 15 of the next year. If you are filing 250 or more 1042 forms, you are required to file them electronically. The recipient of the income, the person whose income is being withheld on account of tax payable, , must also get the relevant form 1042 by that date. In case you want an extension, you need to apply in form 8809. While the application should be submitted as … [Read more...]

Tax Preparer Software and the Advantages of Using One

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    Tax preparer software may not be required if you are mathematically inclined and have no problem with doing the paperwork yourself, your tax situation is a simple matter of totaling your income for the year and calculating the tax on it. For the most part you would have all the necessary documents for doing your taxes and also the income withheld by payers as tax.   However, if you are not comfortable with figures and have a problem with figures, you can save … [Read more...]