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      desk set checks for 3 ring binder

      Deskbook Check Binders, Desk Set Checks For 3 Ring Binder
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      3-Per-Page Deskbook Check Cover

      Product Highlights

      • Item# 56201N
      • Size: 7 7/8" x 9"
      • Works with our Secretary deskbook checks
      • Available in blue, black or burgundy
      • Side-bound
      • Min. Order: 1 cover
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      Best seller

      Deskbook Check Portfolio - Bookbound

      Product Highlights

      • Item# 1437N
      • Size: 12" x 12 1/2"
      • Works with our Secretary & Newport deskbook checks
      • Bookbound
      • Holds folders, pocket computers, phones and more
      • Min. Order: 1 portfolio
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      desk set checks for 3 ring binder, deluxe checks 3 ring binder, 3ring business check binder, Checkbook Binder on Your Desktop Can Help Keep Business Transactions Structured

      When there is so much to think about while running a business, a checkbook binder can help in ensuring that you have your financial transactions in order. A business is not only about finances. It involves a large number of aspects like marketing campaigns, logistics, product planning and more. Many times, you may need to write a check at the drop of a hat when things are falling into place with a vendor or a supplier. The last thing that you want is to lose track of these payments when you need them the most at the time of tax filing. Checkbook binders help you maintain copies of the checks that you have written in an orderly manner.

      Options of Checkbook Binders

      It is not necessary to purchase a high end business checkbook cover if you are not willing to spend too much money. While there are all sorts of check book covers that are available, you can purchase one that serves your purpose the best. Some of the options include check book binders that are available as part of a business executive diary. You can also choose a desktop checkbook binder that helps in ensuring that all your checks, the stubs and carbon copies are maintained in a single place.

      Characteristics of a Checkbook Binder

      The range of checkbook covers is so large that one cannot detail a single specification for all of them. However, you are likely to find options that are available in leather and vinyl covers. The ones that are available as part of business appointment diaries are generally the 7 ring ones. Others are desktop checkbook covers that can hold 3 checks in a page too. You also have a choice of colors with black, gray, burgundy and more to choose from.


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