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    Vinyl Check Covers
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    Best seller
    • Item# 56201N
    • Size: 7 7/8" x 9"
    • Works with our Secretary deskbook checks
    • Available in blue, black or burgundy
    • Side-bound
    • Min. Order: 1 cover
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    Best seller
    • Item# 56501N
    • Size: 7 7/8" x 9"
    • For our duplicate deskbook checks
    • Choose between black, blue or burgundy
    • 6-Ring binder
    • Min. Order: 1 cover
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    Free Shipping Available

    Best seller
    • Vinyl-covered binder.
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    Check Book Covers Have Different Styles and Varieties 

    Check book covers are available in different styles, colors and materials too. While there are many people who opt for leather check book covers, there are others that feel that a vinyl checkbook holder is far more convenient and practical. There is no doubt that a leather checkbook cover may give an impression of being classy and professional. At the same time, a vinyl one can prove to be extremely convenient as it does not get dirty or soiled easily. There are also various other advantages of using vinyl check book covers too.

    Different Types of Check Covers

    The choice in the market for checkbook covers is large. You will find check book holders that are part of a business organizer so that you do not have to carry too many items with you when you are on the move. In fact such an option ensures that your appointment diary, notes, visiting cards, mobile phone, pen and calculator are all part of a single unit. On the other hand, if you do not want to carry a bulky item, you can always split these and opt for a special checkbook holder too. These options are available for personal use and for official use. The ones that accommodate 3 checks on one page are best for official purposes since they allow for a larger number of checks to be maintained.

    Features of Check Book Covers

    Most of the check book covers are made of vinyl or leather. There are also some that are made of plastic. The size of the checkbook holder that contains three checks on a page it larger but it tends to get less thick over time. Some of these are available as 3 ring binders while others have 7 rings to accommodate a larger booklet. Most of these check book covers can also accommodate deposit slips, stubs and other financial papers.

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